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Some highlights from #luxchat with @InfinitiNews:

Q1. What makes social media a good platform for Infiniti JX launch? Is it generating the type of buzz that Infiniti was expecting? 
A1. Our goal was to give our most engaged fans opportunity to see #JXConcept first & share thoughts to be part of reveal. For instance…we received 73% higher FB page views during our roll out of JX. People really got into the content. 

Q2. We recently heard about a concierge service that Infiniti is providing? Can you elaborate? 

A2. The Infiniti Personal Assistant provides owners with unlimited 24-hour access to a live team of professional assistants. It is Infiniti Personal Assistant. Like what you get with an AmEx Black Card. Live help at all times. Here are more details on Infiniti Personal Assistant: http://bit.ly/pJHkRQ 

Q3. Can you share some of the images released so far of the #JXConcept?
A3. Here are the photos we have released so far of the #JXConcept -http://on.fb.me/qjZtok 

Q4. Is the “Power of 7” the first social media campaign for a new vehicle? Why did you decide now was the right time to reveal a new vehicle launch via social media?

A4. We did social media for Infiniti M Hybrid vehicle, inc a virtual video reveal & NCAA basketball Coaches vs Charity 

Q5. Please describe the “Power of 7” campaign to the audience.

A5. Infiniti #JXConcept #Powerof7 Campaign phase 1 is 7 teaser images to culminate tomorrow with car reveal in the evening. Phase 2 #Powerof7 uses 7 unique features of concept vehicle inspiring challenges in categories like art, fashion, food. Fans will have opportunity to upload own inspiring creations in any of 7 categories & collect votes in order to win. 

Q6. What is Infiniti’s overarching social media goal?

A6. Our goal is to build & strengthen Infiniti community, nurture passion about our brand and sell vehicles.

Q7. Infiniti seems to invest significantly in social media, did the brand immediately understand its value?

A7. Not at first. We were late to the game. Now it is central to everything we do. 

Q8. Except from the new JX, what else is Infiniti showing at @PebbleConcours?

A8. At @PebbleConcours Infiniti is also showing 2012 #InfinitiFX, Redbull Racing #F1 car & Infiniti Etherea Concept

Q9. Are you anticipating Google+ business profiles as part of your future social media strategy?

A9. We look at social media in a platform-agnostic manner. If G+ provides value to our communities we will be there. FB shows the most engagement so far but, G+ looks promising but no brands allowed yet.

Q10. Do you use social media to engage with existing Infiniti owners, potential new customers, or both? Has Social Media changed the way @infinitinews conducts internal operations and/or the way you design your vehicles? 

A10. We engage both current owners, potential customers and just people who have passion for cars and design. It creates a heightened awareness of our customers internally. We seek input from fans to create sense of family.

Q11. How does the Infiniti social media team communicate ROI back to executives and employees?

A11. We track handraisers which we tie back to actual sales. Gives us an actual ROI based on sales per action we take. Handraisers are those who ask us for more information about our brand by e-mail for example. 

Q12. Is there a social media policy or handbook that employees follow if they tweet from personal accounts?

A12. We have guidelines to engage in Infiniti-related conversations from personal accounts, but do encourage participation.

Q13. What is social media success (or ROI) for Infiniti?

A13. Success = Engagement & Cars Sold. JX campaign has driven 12% > internet buzz vs. pre. We’ll track sales when JX is out. 

Q14. What is Infiniti doing in the way of online video - YouTube, Ustream, etc?

A14. Our YouTube channel offers video content & we will host live video chat Sat from #PebbleCars http://www.youtube.com/infiniti

Q15. Does Infiniti consider geo-location services (like FourSquare) as part of its social strategy?

A15. Yes, we will use geo-location this weekend at Pebble Beach where we are sponsoring @PebbleConcours.