#luxchat Recap May 2011 | Tumi CEO Jerome Griffith

@TumiTravel | Tumi

Tumi is the leading international brand of premium travel, business and lifestyle accessories. Tweets marked JG are from Tumi CEO Jerome Griffith.

About Tumi:
With a 30-year history of creating superior products for discerning professionals and frequent travelers, Tumi is recognized as the world’s leading brand of luxury travel, business and lifestyle accessories. Tumi’s success can be traced to its continual focus on its principles of design excellence, functional superiority and technical innovation. More…


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We chatted with Jerome Griffith, CEO for Tumi. A hands-on CEO, Griffith shared advice on leading his team of brand ambassadors to social media success.

Some highlights from #luxchat with @TumiTravel:

Q1. Who handles the @TumiTravel twitter account??

A1. I tweet alongside our in-house PR team and customer service. I tag them, so people can distinguish between Tumi customer service and myself.

  • @Steuben Nice to see a CEO actively tweeting #Luxchat
  • @LuxeTiffany Love that the CEO takes ownership in social media! I notice you tag your tweets JG when you tweet.
  • @LuxuryPRGal Critical to success of a brand’s social media presence. Accessibility. All employees can and should be brand ambassadors.
  • @LaurBreu Love the personal touch of that.

Q2: What is a traveler w/o their luggage? (v. @BeverlyWilshire)

A2: A traveler w/o their luggage is someone who will need to activate Tumi Tracer to find their bag! Tracer is a unique code in each bag that can help reunite you once you have registered.

  • @Steuben “Tumi Tracer”, GPS for our bags?!

Q3. How does Tumi train employees to use Twitter for customer service? (v. @AstorAndBlack)

A3. Our customer service monitors our tweets. We learn as we go along.

Q4.  How are you using social media to increase your brand awareness?

A4. It’s a huge investment now for us. We have created Tumi Experience, but are working on other upgrades.

  • @FrontRowTierra Tumi Experience is a great comprehensive approach to showcasing your social media presence and new collections.
  • @LuxeTiffany Tumi’s Facebook page is: http://bit.ly/mcmbDI if you haven’t already “liked” the page!

Q5. Do you have any plans to partner w/other artists or brands moving forward? We loved the Tumi Tag by Crash collection.

A5. We just did Carlos Falchi. Will do Ducati this fall. And “Dror” next spring. Several projects coming with Lexus, LFA and the new hybrid.

Q6. Any major missteps in Twitter customer service you can warn us against? (v. @AstorAndBlack)

A6. Not responding. Listening and responding is key.

Q7. How important are marketing partnerships in your overall brand promotion? (v. @lauradavidson)

A7. Very important. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. 

Q8. How has social media helped you in promoting and launching new products? 

A8. We like instant feedback from consumers on everything we are doing.

  • @LuxuryPRGal That’s what social media’s all about! 
  • @Steuben The beauty of social media: access and engagement

Q9. How has handling service issues on Twitter and Facebook helped your overall brand image?

A9. We listen & respond to our customers. It helps us identify brand advocates.

  • @LuxeTiffany Talk about service! I first met Jerome when I had a shipping challenge over the holidays, and he contacted me personally! 

Q10. Any insight on how you maintain your brand voice with multiple people tweeting from the same account? (v. @DanielReynolds)

A10. Great training and great employees, and lots of communication. We reach out to them personally and we also have an advisory panel and monitor social media.

  • @LuxuryPRGal Social media is the ultimate customer service tool.

Q11. How do you measure the effectiveness of your social media campaign? (v @GlamourNerd)

A11. Right now new fans and followers, but we are also looking for other ways to measure engagement.

  • @LuxuryPRGal There are LOTS of ways to measure engagement! Measuring ENGAGEMENT is the only way to determine how your audience is responding to the content you put out online. To measure ENGAGEMENT, track likes, comments, wall posts, retweets, and @ replies. That’s what will tell you what content works. Use free tools like Facebook Analytics (likes, impressions, comments), and TweetReach and Twitalyzer. 
  • @DanielleLeitch It’s great to tie back to website or offline activity though too - where possible. Analytics/SM promos.

Q12. Have you seen an increase in online sales of your collection lines and/or traffic to your websites? 

A12. Yes! We’ve seen a significant increase in both….high double digits.

Q13. Any thought of pairing up w/ airports to incorporate Tumi Tracer w/ a SM platform to allow owners to track their bag? (v. @Michael_Ludwig)

A13. Stay tuned…

Q14. Have you made any attempts to have your “everyday” tech products reviewed on CrunchGear? (v. @CravenTravels)

A14. Our PR team works with Crunchgear.

Q15. What have you learned (if you can share) about your product or customers by using Social Media? (v. @Michael_Ludwig)

A15. Faster way to resolve issues.

Q16. What are you doing to leverage social commerce in your social media & online platforms? (v. @LisaMLoettler)

A16. We are working with a great mobile partner to launch social commerce. Gotta stay up to the minute. World changes quickly.

Q17. Your bags last forever — that’s a great attribute, but how do you keep us coming back for more? (v. @lauradavidson)

A17. Smart consumers crave great products. We must deliver.

Q18. How do you re-work your product or marketing strategy to attract a new or younger consumer?Or do you let them grow into your brand? (v. @GlamourNerd)

A18. We design products that appeal to a younger consumer. Think T-tech or Alpha Bravo.

Q19. What are your social media goals for 2011 and 2012?

A19. To increase engagement.

Q20. The Tumi Experience website is www.TumiExperience.com. Why was the Tumi Experience site developed?

A20. To showcase all our great content.

Q21. Do you have a YouTube channel @TumiTravel?

A21. Yes www.YouTube.com/tumitravel. Just did a webisode series called the road to excellence. Check it out on our YouTube channel.