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We chatted with Cannon Hodge, the woman behind the always charming, informative, and lovely @Bergdorfs Twitter handle.  She even made a sign!  

Some highlights from #luxchat with @Bergdorfs:

Q1. How do you maintain exclusivity for the @Bergdorfs brand while engaging with your audience in social media?

A1. Always Customer Service. Always beautiful merchandise. Creativity. And things that tempt and inspire.  I respond to every customer service question asked on our platforms and try my best to assist! 

Q2. how does a new designer grab the eye & get in the door with Bergdorf Goodman? (v. @dreamofmcqueen)

A2. our buyers present collections to our fashion office & merchants and it evolves from there!

Q3. You always respond to tweets in such a timely and charming manner — how do you organize your time to do it all and who provides the content?

A3. Ahhh! thank you. Twitter’s part of my job & it’s one I take seriously;  I’m primarily responsible for twitter. Content comes from many (Linda, buyers, etc)  To organize, I have a split screen situation - twitter always is up so that I can respond. My goal is to answer within the hour.

  • @NOVAFashionWeek: Seeing the magic @Bergdorfs bring to the table is superior. Loving the #luxchat as we are learning a lot.

Q4.  Congratulations on the new Tumblr page, The Bergdorf Goodman Swipe! Why was it important for you to create a secondary blog?

 A4. We love exploring these exciting new platforms - tumblr seemed to be the perfect place for our creative boys. Tumblr also was a great way to expand our conversation with a new audience & to listen/see what their interests are.

 Q5. What is your official title?

A5. Officially, Social Media Manager. Unofficially, Gal about Bergdorfs.

  • @TamarStar: If you have a moment, check out @bergdorfs Twitter stream for some excellent insights into what social media means for the company. 

Q6.  What do you think the hardest part of going Social was and how did you overcome it? (v. @Michael_Ludwig)

A6. Everyone here loved the social idea. The real challenge always is sharing all that we want to share  

Q7.  Do you think of yourself as having a “Bergdorf” persona? (v. @amidprivilege)

A7. It’s really up to me. Bergdorf Goodman is part of the New York City Fashion story. And that story can be interesting. We wanted to be genuine & inviting - - while giving glimpses of what makes us special & unique.  

Q8. What are Bergdorfs feeling about Facebook?  How do you engage users?

A8. We love Facebook! It’s a great place to share what’s happening in-store while addressing customer service queries. The focus is The latest and greatest on 5th Ave & 58th.  

Re: engagement, I love posting questions- lunch break topics & sharing sites that are interesting, for example - today I shared an @OscarPRGirl video.

 Q9.  How do you measure your social media success? What are some of  your goals for 2011?

 A9. For us, success wasn’t about the numbers. It was about communicating with an audience. Every time we satisfy a customer service request a success. It’s more about listening & engaging.  

Q10. When and if you receive a negative comment or tweet, how do you go about addressing it? (v. @KmartFashion)

A10. We listen to everything & take all comments seriously. Customer service issues are immediately sent to those in charge

Q11. Who do you look to for social media and fashion inspiration on Twitter?

A11. Who don’t we look to? I follow over 600 tweeps for a reason!  I try to follow all of our designers. Writers, etc. Plus others who are savvy.  Inspiration can be discovered in many places. It all makes sense in the grand scheme. 

Q12. You use many social media outlets, Facebook, blog, tumblr,& YouTube; How do you utilize YouTube effectively? (v. @DoodleHome)

A12.  This may help: http://www.youtube.com/bergdorfgoodmannyc. We have amazing videos - designer interviews, behind-the-scenes & more! 

Q13. Iphone or Blackberry? 

A13. iPhone. Bberry kept dying

Q14. Social media marketing must-dos? (v. @luliferrer)

A14. Listen. Read. Take risks!