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About Mandarin Oriental:
Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is an international hotel investment and management group with deluxe and first class hotels, resorts and residences in sought-after destinations around the world. The Group now operates, or has under development, 41 hotels representing over 10,000 rooms in 26 countries, with 18 hotels in Asia, 12 in The Americas and 11 in Europe and Middle East. In addition, the Group operates, or has under development, 12 Residences at Mandarin Oriental connected to its properties. More… 


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Some highlights from #luxchat with @MO_HOTELS:

Q1. How do you think a luxury brand should approach social media?

A1. Luxury brands, just like any other, have a place in social media. The specific strategy however must make sense for the brand.

  • @LuxeTiffany: Luxury hotels are you listening? @MO_Hotels says not to be afraid of social media. Be out there!
  • @OneBrownGirl: With humility & the right advocates.
  • @TravelMaestro: Think it’s important for luxury hotels to integrate social media into traditional marketing and stick to their brand message.

Q2. What specific strategy does your brand take with it’s social media presence? And what was the biggest challenge?

A2. Consistency across marketing channels is key without that, you lose strength of brand. Most difficult was first developing the Group-wide strategy - what makes most sense for our brand.

  • @lesliefineint: Since my clientele are in the luxury market, I’m more likely to recommend a brand that I’m engaged to on SM and feel like I know.
  • @gregoates: Lux hotels can approach social media as a purveyor of good taste

Q3. How many Mandarin Oriental hotels have a Twitter presence and how do you use social media to tie or separate the brands?

A3. Currently, 21 MO hotels are on Twitter and we have 26 MO hotels on Facebook — in addition to a brand Facebook page. More to come! We regularly share brand-wide best practice & standards, but given each market is unique there must be some leeway.

  • @HookedOnMonMode: I feel that using SM is a great way to spread an idea across a wide spectrum!
  • @FrontRowTierra: @MO_HOTELS Acknowledging the individuality of each market is so important, great practice.

Q4.  As a well known luxury brand, was the @MO_HOTELS group ever apprehensive about approaching social media?

 A4. Fortunately for us, no. Our organization from the top down has believed in the value of social media from the start. We have had an official presence on social media since January 2010. Key to our strategy today are Facebook & Twitter.

There’s no simple way to determine which channels are “brand appropriate”. Always research before you join.

 Q5. How can you manage 21 individual twitter accounts, 26 individual hotel pages, and one for the brand? How many people help?

 A5. Each MO hotel has a dedicated colleague who oversees property social media activities. The specific department varies, but falls within Sales & Marketing. It is always important to find the right people. We pride ourselves on consistency between our brand and property-level activities.

We manage @MO_HOTELS & brand Facebook page from our New York marketing office.  We also look forward to welcoming our newest property @MO_PARIS on June 28, 2011!

  • @elitetravelgal: Had chance 2 meet the tweeters behind @MO_Barcelona recently while in Spain, they do an AMAZING job!
  • @graupix: For me @MO_HOTELS are the best hotel chain using Twitter: combining the HQ account + each hotel’s account

Q6.  Have you been/begun utilizing #youtube for marketing your properties?

  A6. We do maintain a YouTube channel, but hope to develop more video content in the near future.

  • @luxuryprgal: Video will continue to explode - important to be a leader. Not only that, but YouTube is (arguably) the #2 search engine in the world. Important to be on it.
  • @LauraAllenTvl: Could be a really fun way to experience a property/destination before committing!
  • @TravelMaestro: Great resource for travel agents too

Q7. Which SM channel has proven more valuable in terms of social ROI?

A7. That depends on how you define “social ROI”. For us, Twitter & Facebook each offer something unique.  Facebook is primarily for end consumers while Twitter allows us to also speak with travel experts, bloggers, etc.

  • @LuxTravel: Not only does @MO_HOTELS engage well using SM, they are a tried & true partner of travel advisors vs other luxury hotel brands.
  • @luxuryprgal: Facebook Analytics, Twitalyzer, TweetReach are great for this - but for paid @radian6 is my mecca.
  • @hotelrenewHI: Glad to see you pushing the bar with social media, who needs ads when you got positive word of mouth?

Q8. How do you measure ROI? Do you have a metric to track bottom line impact of social media (e.g. revenue generated, new sales)

A8. For measurement, fans/followers are nice but it is all about direct engagement (likes, comments, mentions, RTs). On measurement, one metric we value is “engagements per post”, measuring direct audience engagements from each message we share.

We do connect our social media activities with our website analytics whenever possible to derive revenue. Revenue, although a welcome end result, is not the sole reason we participate on social media, it is about building a meaningful dialogue with our past, present and future customers.

 Q9.  Most of your competitors are on Twitter. Do you follow them?

 A9. Yes, we take note of what other brands, both travel & other, are doing in social media. Some great examples too! Good to hear what the others are doing on SM.

So many great examples from past #luxchat guests! @Bergdorfs @TUMItravel, & many others.

Q10. #Luxchat-ers, what’s your favorite @MO_HOTELS property?


  • @fullersloane: @MissSmartFlyer @MO_HOTELS Love NY & MIA.
  • @bergdorfs: we’re a bit biased: New York, Columbus Circle
  • @elitetravelgal: cant choose one love @MO_Miami and @MO_Barcelona
  • @HookedOnMonMode: The San Francisco location is absolutely stunning—great costumer service!
  • @fdumenci: Love the new @MO_LASVEGAS
  • @graupix: My favourite @MO_HOTELS property is @MO_TOKYO and hope soon to be @MO_PARIS once tried.

Q11. Hotels are always quick to want to do giveaways to increase followers. What is @MO_Hotels feeling about this?

A11.  Many new channels today feature deals/discounts. While great for consumers, we prefer to focus on service & value-add.  Through our online conversations, we can enhance the guest experience while they are on property.

  • @FrontRowTierra: @MO_Hotels is proving that practices which influence luxury brand longevity are more beneficial than short term tactics.
  • @tomtravel2: I love the focus on service customers not sales and discounts

Q12. Could you tell us a bit about your new Paris property!

A12. @MO_PARIS is located steps from Place Vendome. 138 rooms/suites, beautiful garden & food by Thierry Marx.  Thierry Marx is a Michelin-starred chef who is opening his first #Paris restaurant

Q13. Do you have a policy for handling any complaints that may be tweeted by a guest?

A13. Complaints, just as any other comments, need to be addressed quickly & openly. An opportunity to turn bad to good.

Q14. Since you have a lot of celeb clientele, how do you keep privacy of guests with everyone tweeting, Facebooking?

A14. We strive to maintain complete privacy for all our guests. The same was the case prior to social media. Our colleagues are extremely conscientious about guest privacy.

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