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Spa tweets from sunny Carlsbad, CA by Carrie (*CP) at the Spa at La Costa. Look forward to tweeting with you! :)

About La Costa Resort and Spa:
From the moment you enter through the gates of La Costa Resort and Spa, you are embraced by the picturesque beauty and leisurely charm of our coastal California lifestyle. Here within this quaint village setting, you’ll discover an idyllic Southern California getaway, now featuring newly re-designed guestrooms and suites. More…


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We chatted with Carrie Peterson, Online Marketing Manager for La Costa Resort and Spa.  An undeniable knack for social media, she shared her advice and successes with SM marketing.

Some highlights from #luxchat with @SpaLaCosta:

Q1. How are social media efforts going so far for @SpaLaCosta?

A1. We’re on facebook and twitter at the moment and working on rewarding our brand advocates w/social media. Right now we are working on our second #SpaSocial event with 150-200 mommy bloggers and socially savvy women here this Friday. It’s been great! I have a background in SM and helped to build our social channels at the Spa and @ResortLaCosta from the ground up. Our Spa Director loves the use of social media to get new customers & we’ve seen a jump in people that come to the spa because of SM.

Our spa business is about 70% local spa-goers, so we work hard to show them some love and appreciation for being our brand advocate.  The #SpaSocial event is this Fri from 6-9 at the spa and is a happy hour event w/music, bellinis and apps for all. We’ll be having a tweet up simultaneously during the event (#SpaSocial) - can win prizes!

Q2: Out of curiosity, what is your background BEFORE you took on social media?

A2: I worked in online marketing @UpperDeckSports.

Q3. How do you identify who these social media “savvy” women are amongst your spa users?

A3. We create a list of people who are advocates on our Facebook page & twitter followers who engage in our content. For the #SpaSocial we are partnering with @SDMomfia and @RockOnMommies to gather a list of prominent local bloggers to share the <3

Q4.  How significant is the male market and how do you reach out to men through social media? (v. @HotelPRGuy)

A4. We currently target the significant others of our female audience/demo with specials for v-tines day, mother’s day, etc.

  • @EliteTravelVelo I also like how spa is reaching a younger generation. My parents went to La Costa when I was a kid.

Q5. How do u differentiate yourself from so many other Luxe Spas that are in the Social space? Any insight you can provide? (v. @Michael_Ludwig)

A5. As far as we know, we are among the first to create real-world events (#SpaSocial) that bridge SM with the Spa. Twitter is a great tool to search SM fans by geo-targeting. Listen to who they are, what they do, then join the convo.

  • @DanielleLeitch: I wish more spas would notice brand enthusiasts - we’re better than most mktg options avlble + can save lots $
  • @SpaExpertsSea Yes, great tool! W search for keywords (Seattle + spa, massage, etc) and see how we can engage locals.

 Q6. Do you find many people tweeting about their #spa experiences or do they stay unplugged?

A6. They are “supposed” to stay unplugged at the spa, but people still manage to be socially engaged w/smart phones/pics. These days, it’s hard to monitor what people are doing w/their phones. We do discourage their use while spa-ing.

Q7. Have you experienced having to address service issues via Twitter? How do you handle if so?

A7. Yes, customer service issues are handled on this platform, but all good - a woman tweeted it was her birthday & we gave her a cupcake!

  • @artofthespa: Most spas use Social media as broadcast media not the interactive arena it is.  Not interacting & creating engagement points is wasting the social media venue IMO esp for spas. So many ways to connect.

Q8. What types of promotions do you have right now via @FourSquare?

A8. Free bellini drink with lunch purchase and valet parking for the @ResortLaCosta. We promote @Foursquare and @Facebook check-ins in prominent locations across the @ResortLaCosta and the spa front desks.

Q9. Any thoughts on pairing up with vendors of products you may sell for SM promotions? If so any push back from them? (v. @Michael_Ludwig)

A9. We are looking into vendor/product promotions and have yet to implement a campaign, but stay tuned!

Q10. Many spas are using social media marketing now. How do you distinguish yourself? (v. @WellnessTravel)

A10. @SpaLaCosta: We are among the first to bridge real-world events with social media to reward brand enthusiasts (#SpaSocial) 4/15. We have a robust blog (www.bloglacosta.com) which is also a prominent social media channel for the @ResortLaCosta and Spa. We are also looking for guest bloggers to talk about celebrations & experiences at the spa.

Q11.  What is your “measure” for social media success?

A11. We use engagement as the ultimate measurement. Follows, replies, “Likes” and comments.

  • @frontrowtierra: Overwhelming response from brands “doing it right”, don’t measure SM in monetary ROI rather see engagement as the benefit.

Q12. How are you using Facebook specifically? Asking people to post their pictures/comments? As an info sharing tool? What’s most effective?

A12. For Facebook, we run photo contests and ask a lot of questions of general experiences and likes of the spa to gauge our consumers.  Most recently was a chance to win a spot @ #spasocial this Fri - all about social savviness. We also have a special bday and anniversary program for our SpaVite members who opt in to our email program (lacosta.com/spavite).

Q13. What are you doing to stay ahead of the curve? Whats next?

A13. QR codes to dive print to social ;). New changes to the spa include renovated treatment and relaxation rooms, a reflexology path, fresh herb garden & new spa cafe menu.

  • @Stef_Bernstein:  Any thoughts on integrating mobile apps into your future marketing plans?
  • Re: @SpaLaCosta: Absolutely – coming soon!

Q14. So you use Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, blogging & EDM - if you didn’t have time for all could u pick 1 or 2 essential (v. @athlengentables)?

A14. Depends on the company and target demographic for which SM channels I recommend.

Q15. In your social media campaigns how do you balance content vs selling? (v. @EliteTravelVelo)

A15. Almost all focus on content and impressions.

Q16. Is there a way to bridge brand-enthusiasts + spas together better? Many don’t have dedicated SMM like @spalacosta for outreach? (v. @DanielleLeitch)

A16. Work with someone to get you set up on social pages, and start the conversations by saying “thanks for being a fan”.

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