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We chatted with Brett Anderson, Editor in Chief of Robb Report magazine. Some highlights from #luxchat with @RobbReport:

Q1. What trends do you anticipate seeing in the luxury market in 2011?

A1.  The most important perhaps is that Internet use continues to grow among affluent users. More people have access to audiences through digital, and audiences have fractured and become more niche-oriented. The differentiator is brand, companies who meet the challenge & make the right choices will have an advantage. 

Print media companies that did not move from analog to digital technology 25 years ago suffered. Magazines have consolidated or close, think Gourmet, Bon Appetitte, Folio. Companies that don’t take advantage of these new channels will likewise suffer.

  • @HotelPRGuy: Affluent travellers are discerning… There is fine line between engagement and spam.
  • @LuxuryPRGal: eMarketer study: Number of affluent users on the Internet grew by almost 25%.
  • @lesliefineint: Traditional media and social media should be used hand in hand for the biggest impact and best results.

Q2.  Must “luxury” be luxurious? Adventure & getting off beaten travel path can be very expensive but not alway luxurious.

A2. We see great interest among ultra-affluents in experiential luxury RE: travel & self-improvement.

  • @MissSmartFlyerI think it’s about the experience, unique/one-of-a-kind is luxury.
  • @MaryJaneMurray: Luxury does not need to be luxurious. Being unique can qualify as luxury.

Q3. How is @RobbReport using social media to spread the magazine’s editorial message? what are some of your social media goals for the magazine in 2011?

A3. Social media enables us to let our community know when we have a real-world event or online event. Additionally, social media have driven many users to RobbReport.com and RobbReport.tv.

  • @WaldorfParkCityLuxury = high end service + product. Social media for lux travel is an extension of great service and a personal touch

Q4.  Which luxury brands do you think do an amazing job with social media?

A4. Louis Vuitton has broadcast its ready-to-wear shows live exclusively on FB. Tiffany & Co. also has a robust Facebook page with over 400K fans.

Q5. What are your thoughts on the surge of online based lifestyle mags and their huge successes?

A5. We often get hung up on delivery… if content is engaging, consumers will respond. Those that succeed will do so because of the talent behind the project.  The successful online magazines understand the principles of good content & design. Success is less about the medium than the message, these are the same factors that have figured in the success of any medium. 

Q6. Does the saturation of the market affects response and readership?

A6. Actually the luxury magazine space has shrunk in the last two years which is good for us. This has strengthened our impact on the luxury marketplace, which is less dilute.

Q7. what are some of your social media goals for the magazine in 2011?

A7.  We seek to strengthen communication with our community. Our FB audience has increased 10x in 7 months. We have 5 editors tweeting @Robb_Associate @AshtonEditorial @jillbnewman @RobbHostApp and @ReadRobbReport

  • @jason_mesnick: I think its a never ending media web, both traditional and social media need each other.
  • @FSMiami: Social media is everybody’s job.

Q8. The @RobbReport Host Guide features wine, party entertaining tips. Will the mag have its own monthly app?

A8. A subscription based #iPad app that is: Yes, we will be launching Q2 this year

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