#luxchat Recap September 2011 | #LetUsStayWithYou

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Some highlights from #luxchat with @RitzCarlton:

Q1. Please share more about #LetUsStayWithYou

A1. #LetUsStayWithYou is essentially pulling back the curtains to a way of service that has always been delivered at Ritz-Carlton. Guests who know us well know that we look for those little opportunities to surprise and delight all the time. Now we have a communications platform that speaks to who we are beyond the physical aspects of our beautiful hotels - and that is to say nothing of the many ways our ladies and gentlemen will continue to animate #LetUsStayWithYou on-property.

Q2. Is #LetUsStayWithYou strictly an online platform or are you promoting it in other ways - TV, print, etc?

A2. It is so much more than an online platform. The online channels are just one pillar of #LetUsStayWithYou. From a Communications perspective, and beyond online, website and social, you will see beautiful print ads roll out in October. 

The beauty of revealing the platform and the detail has been the increased flow of communication from guests staying with us. It has given additional encouragement for them to let us know about the things that are important to them. Their passion points. You can only truly deliver a memory that will last a life time when you are in tune with what truly holds value to your guests.

Q3.  Can you elaborate more on the Ritz Carlton Foursquare World Concierge?

The Ritz-Carlton Foursquare World Concierge is probably the most popular foray into the social space that we have made. It is a service that provides travelers around the globe with access to expertise of our concierge, without having be in a hotel.

Travelers trust us. They trust us to look after them in and out of hotels. They trust our advice. That’s why Foursquare is such a hit. The goal on Foursquare? To allow travelers to let us stay with them where ever they go.

Guests actually walk up to concierge and say “we saw your tip on Foursquare - thx for that!’ FULL credit goes to 76 Concierge desks around the globe and our social media partners @PandemicLabs. It tooks months of planning, but like anything, now Foursquare World Concierge is running, it is easy to maintain and populate 

Q4. Ritz Carlton recently launched the Ritz Carlton Credit Card and loyalty program, is this a part of the new brand platform?

A4. Any extension of our brand to better serve consumers could be termed part of #LetUsStayWithYou and that includes our credit card. The benefits of holding a Ritz-Carlton Credit Card have been popularly reported as great. http://bit.ly/mTOBTF

Q5. How are you rolling out the #LetUsStayWithYou to employees? Is it just select employees or all? (v. @Michael_Ludwig)

A5. Oh, the employee question is a special one. We have taken a lot of time to articulate the platform to our most valuable resource. The ladies & gentlemen that work for Ritz-Carlton are our most valuable asset. There wouldn’t be a platform if it weren’t for them

Q6.Why is it important to share “Stories that Stay With You?”

A6. The best way to describe any brand is from personal experience of it. What makes it special/unique/through personal stories. There’s a beautiful part of website dedicated to stories told by our ladies & gentlemen. Worth a look http://bit.ly/qgvbsn. Year to date more than 1,200 letters have been written by guests to our Prez, Herve Humler. They all detail beautiful and unique service stories by our ladies and gentlemen. We started by reaching out to some of those employees and asked them to tell the story. We will continue to do that. 

Q7. Who is responsible for managing the roll-out of the new #LetUsStayWithYou brand platform? (v. @ChrisJGabaldon)

A7. #LetUsStayWithYou has been in development for the last 18 months. We have never been a brand to jump into programs, campaigns or anything else without the right research and understanding. Our partners @TeamOneUSA worked with us to understand the changing needs, habits and passion points of a luxury consumer

Q8. Why did you decide the timing was right, now for a new brand platform?

A8. All indicators told us that now was the time to deepen our relationships with our guests and ask out loud ‘LetUsStayWithYou. We feel Social Media provides additional channels. We treat them with great importance, But they don’t replace other channels

Q9. @RitzCarlton has always maintained one brand Twitter handle. Is this still true or will hotels manager their own social media? Why is this?

A9. The conversation around one Twitter handle has always centered around not throwing all the hotels into the space ‘just because’. We want to add value to a consumers experience when our hotel launch property accounts. we have had one hotel experimenting by themselves to measure what will hold value to consumers on Twitter. I can tell you exclusively on #luxchat, hotels will launch in a unique an interesting way. Can’t say more as @Chic_Travel will be reporting!

Q10. What are your suggestions for those of us launching a brand? What lessons did you learn during the 18 month process? (v. @ShannonMcShane)

A10. One piece of Social Media advice, don’t fall to peer pressure. Don’t do things because competitors do. Stay true to your brand/your organization. And in quest to stand out and be different, do something that adds value to consumer.

Q11. How does #LetUsStayWithYou make you different? 

A11. It hasn’t changed us at all. We are simply exposing the core of who we are. #LetUsStayWithYou allows us to create guests for life through thoughtful touch points along their continuous guest journey.